The Devon Driving Advanced course is for those wanting to take their driving ability to the next level or get the most out of that new car.

Whatever your driving background, the course is tailored to meet your current level and help give you the skills to unlock you and your car’s potential!

Here is an example of some of the topics covered during your day:

  • Vehicle checks to prepare a vehicle to maximize its potential 
  • Greater car control by understanding vehicle dynamics 
  • Recognize and respond to physical and physiological factors that may impair judgment 
  • Positioning the car to maximize safety and performance 
  • Principles of cornering including assessing the precise speed to take a corner 
  • Overtaking techniques 
  • Advanced anticipation skills giving you that ‘6th sense’ of what will happen next 
  • How to not only be in full control of the car but also positively influence the environment around you. 

Since the course is tailored to your requirements all training is done on a one to one basis in your own car so that you get as much benefit as possible! However, if you wish the share the course with a partner or friend then they are welcome.

Book today to start unlocking your potential as a high-performance driver. Each course will run for 6 hours of driving time plus breaks.


Our standard pricing for Advanced Driver training is £40.00 per hour.